The Deal Economy Conference

26 March 2018  |  London

This conference features lively discussions of strategy and deal structure in today’s ever-changing geopolitical environment, presented by The Deal, renowned for its U.S. perspective of global dealmaking.



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Institute of Directors
116 Pall Mall, London


Complimentary tickets are available for eligible applicants. Priority will be given to C-suite executives and investors.

To learn how your organization can participate in this conference, contact Jonathan McReynolds at or +1 212-321-5259.

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How to Use Restructurings, Divestitures & Carve Outs for Value Creation
Experts explore how these types of transactions reflect strategies for value creation, and to what degree they reflect changes in the way corporate leaders view their business. What factors affect the decision to restructure or divest? What legal advice do dealmakers receive, especially as to potential litigation concerns that must be addressed?

Cocktail Reception

Closing Remarks

The Year Ahead: Market Conditions, Investor Confidence and Government Policy
This panel will focus on trends in  the U.S., China and the EU, including foreign direct investment, and offer predictions for 2018 about deal types, size and structures. What is the significance of changes in the legal and regulatory landscape for dealmakers? What is the likely impact of Brexit negotiations on London’s status as a financial center?

Panelist: Inna Gehrt, Partner, Mandarin Capital Partners
Panelist: Monika Nickl, Managing Director, Raymond                  James

Networking Break

Private Equity: Outlook for 2018
What types of transactions, terms and financing are PE firms seeing and what will prevail in the year ahead? Experts will distinguish sectors that are hot, or poised to grow, as well as those that may see a slowdown, and describe the conditions that account for the differences. To what degree will these trends apply to different geographic regions, including emerging markets?

Panelist:  Kyle Fox, Global Head of Capital Markets,                     H.I.G. Capital
Panelist:  Richard Hope, Managing Director, Hamilton                  Lane
Panelist:  Merrick McKay, Head of Europe - Private                      Equity, Aberdeen Standard Investments
Panelist:  John Woyton, Managing Director, Advent                       International

Corporate Dealmaking: Strategies for Growth and Success
This panel of corporate development professionals will discuss their companies’ greatest success stories of the past year and how the deals reflect or depart from trends in the marketplace at large. What were the biggest challenges in executing them, and what have they learned as a result?

Panelist: Dunston Almeida, EVP Strategy & Business                    Development, eviCore healthcare
Panelist: James Oh, Assistant Vice President, Corporate                Development and M&A, EXL Service

Cybersecurity: Managing GDPR
Cybersecurity has become a hot button issue for companies of all sizes and in all industries, as computer hacks and data breaches threaten to compromise everything from customer information to data about pending deals. What does corporate management, their boards and advisers need to know to protect companies against cyber risk and its potential fallout? With the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) taking effect in 2018, what do all companies need to understand about the implications of the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years?

Panelist: Darine Fayed, Head of Legal & Data Protection              Officer, Mailjet
Panelist:  Chad Neale, Managing Director, ACA Aponix
Panelist:  Mariana Pereira, Director, Darktrace
Panelist: Piers Wilson, Director, Institute of Information                  Security Professionals (IISP); Head of Product                  Management, Huntsman Security

Kyle Fox

H.I.G. Capital

Private Equity:
Outlook for 2018

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Inna Gehrt

Mandarin Capital Partners

The Year Ahead: Market Conditions, Investor Confidence and Government Policy

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Hamilton Lane

Richard Hope

Private Equity:
Outlook for 2018

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Monika Nickl

Raymond James

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The Year Ahead: Market Conditions, Investor Confidence and Government Policy



Dunston Almeida

eviCore healthcare

Corporate Dealmaking: Strategies for Growth and Success

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Darine Fayed


Managing GDPR

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John Woyton

Advent International

Private Equity:
Outlook for 2018

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Piers Wilson

Institute of Information Security Professionals

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Managing GDPR

James Oh

EXL Service

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Corporate Dealmaking: Strategies for Growth and Success

Merrick McKay

Aberdeen Standard Investments

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Private Equity:
Outlook for 2018

Mariana Pereira


Managing GDPR

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