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With volatility and uncertainty jarring the public markets and high valuations dominating the private segment, what tactics and strategies can dealmakers employ to best structure transactions? The middle market continues to be ripe for deal activity as U.S. corporations and private equity firms look down market to deploy capital.

Join senior executives, influential dealmakers and investors for a day of networking and discussion about the outlook for transactions in the middle market.




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  • Fund Managers
  • Institutional Investors
  • C-Level Executives and Board Members
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Corporate Development & Strategy Executives
  • Investment Bankers
  • Corporate Advisory Firms
  • M&A Professionals

The Deal Economy conference attracted senior executives and dealmakers from a variety of sectors. Attendees departed with smart strategies, actionable tactics and connections to the people who are shaping the future of dealmaking in the middle market.

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The State of the Market:  Examining M&A in the U.S.

As political uncertainty, changing regulation and unstable markets have weighed on much of the large cap dealmaking in the U.S., where are dealmakers going to find deals? The middle market continues to be a vibrant area, as U.S. companies, still eager for growth look down market to spend capital. Meanwhile, PE firms, once known for large LBOs and club deals, make growth equity deals and hire specialists in venture capital and entrepreneurship. The popularity has pushed valuations in the middle market to all-time highs. How do dealmakers navigate this landscape and find good deals without overpaying?

Not Your Parents’ PE: How Private Equity Is Investing in the Future

With private equity still sitting on record piles of cash, investors are seeking the next big investment boom. From healthcare to technology to financial services to organic foods, private equity continues to be a big player in the growth of new and developing industries. What is the outlook for PE going forward? What are the hottest sectors for investment and what has fallen out of favor. This panel will provide a unique analysis of the different sectors and markets that are attracting private equity investment, and what is driving those trends.

Innovation Through Acquisition

The days of big R&D budgets are all but lost, but corporates continue to innovate, often times through dealmaking. How are corporates using deals to shape their businesses and position themselves for the future? Corporate dealmakers and advisers discuss innovation through dealmaking and how to balance innovation with shareholder returns and long-term growth.

New Age Activism Defense:  Prepping for an Activist Campaign

New and old, big and small, activists aren’t discriminating when it comes to the companies they will target. Every company must be prepared and take steps to be ready if an insurgent comes knocking. What can you really do to prepare? What to do when you get the call? Can you get activist insurance? This panel examines the steps to take and the tools that are available to help defend against activist investors.

Are Carve-outs and Divestitures Providing a Path to Efficiency in the Energy Sector?

Addition by subtraction is true, too, in the world of energy as big multinationals look to become the most efficient versions of themselves amid volatile oil markets. With investors – both retail and activists alike -- hungry for more pure-plays in the energy patch, corporates big and small are honing their portfolios through divestitures. How do you know when a unit is noncore and when it’s time to sell? How do you navigate a sale of part of your business and refocus around another asset? For buyers, how do you know it’s a good time to double down on acreage someone else deems noncore? Can private equity still make a buck in oil?


Tech Takes the Energy Patch

With the U.S. producing more oil than any other country, questions continue to percolate about the sustainability of drilling and the long-term viability of all-time high oil output especially as prices remain volatile. The oil and gas industry isn’t sitting on its hands, however. From hydraulic fracking to seismic testing to tech-enabled drilling solutions, technology in the energy sector is evolving. Where are executives investing from a technology perspective? Where are new technologies causing the most disruption and how quickly until the world of energy evolves beyond recognition? How are oilfield services providers adapting to the changes in technology.


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