As we enter a new age of shareholder activism, the dynamic between influential shareholders, corporate boards and institutional investors continues to evolve. Shareholders seek shorter-term returns and tighter spending from corporates, but also demand innovation, which oftentimes comes at a cost. Companies are faced with balancing short-termism with long-term returns and must be mindful of potential activist investors seeking to exert their influence in the boardroom.

Join The Deal and an exclusive gathering of corporate executives, board members and fund managers to explore the evolving relationship between companies, activists, institutional investors and shareholders and examine what’s really going on in the boardroom.

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The Corporate Governance conference attracts senior executives, board members and fund managers from a variety of sectors. Attendees walk away with smart strategies, actionable tactics and connections to the people shaping the conversation around shareholder activism.

The New Age of Activism and The Evolving Role of Institutional Investors
Public companies are acutely aware of their public shareholder bases and can often spot activists amassing massive chunks of stock well before an insurgent comes knocking. What if an activist makes a hostile bid itself, or looks to break up an already agreed upon deal? More than ever we are seeing activists and institutional investors trying new tactics to increase the value of their assets. What happens when an activist, possibly with board representation, teams up with a private equity firm to try and buy a company? What are the newest and most creative tactic activists are using to influence change? What are the key considerations to think about in standstill agreements?

Pensions Speaking up in Deals
The role of the pension fund in shareholder activism continues to expand. These funds, many run by large, public state systems, are key contributors to activist funds and often vote to support their agendas. Pension funds also are activists in their own right, driving governance changes through activist shareholder proposals. This panel seeks to explore the changing role of the pension fund, how managers can best allocate their funds and how activist investors are working to corroborate or fight against these large pools of cash.

Regulatory Update: The Battle Over New Rules for Activism
Expect to see new controversial regulations and restrictions emerging soon from the Securities and Exchange Commission for proxy advisers and shareholder proposals that could reshape the world of activist investing. In addition, a consensus appears to be forming at the nation’s securities regulator on “universal proxy cards,” which, if approved, would have a wide-ranging impact on director-election proxy fights. This panel will explore the changing rules of the road, as well as proxy advisory conflicts and the extent to which institutional investors are “robo-voting” instead of making decisions on their own.

Keeping Pace with Governance Challenges in the Boardroom
Many companies are going through some type of transformational change, whether it is digital, workforce or business strategy. Shareholders continue to demand innovation, which often times comes at a cost. There are concerns as to whether innovation is happening fast enough, if the company can win the war on talent, and if the right culture is in place. Adding to these challenges, large index funds are exerting influence and adding topics to the corporate governance agenda. This panel will look at the latest trends and hot topics hitting the boardroom.

Is Your Board Ready for the Rise in ESG and Responsible Investing Strategies?
More and more shareholders are seeking a say in the way corporations approach environmental, social and governance issues. These issues, known as ESG, are often topics that an activist will latch on to as a driving force in their campaigns. How are activists using ESG issues to drive more diverse boards and better corporate oversight? What can company boards do to make sure their ESG policies are up to date and in-line with their most current shareholder and customer needs?

New Age Defense:  To Settle or Not to Settle
Is it worth taking the fight to shareholders or are you better settling with an activist and working together behind closed doors? Should boards refresh themselves when faced with an activist or stand pat and fight their position? What’s the difference between bringing in an activist-backed outside candidate vs. an activist portfolio manager? This panel will examine what a board has to consider before settling with activist shareholders. Can you win a battle if taken to shareholders on a proxy?


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On the evening of June 5, 2019, The Deal will host an invitation-only dinner to bring together C-suite executives, board directors and the firms that serve them. Sponsor firms have the opportunity
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